Manas National Park In Assam

Manas National Park is found on the foothills of the Himalayas along with a part of it extends to Bhutan. It had been declared a sanctuary on October 01, 1928 and was designated a Globe Heritage site in December 1985. The retreat is the place to find a great number of wildlife, including tiger, Buffalo, Hispid Hare, Pigmy Hog, Capped Langur, Indian one-horned Rhinoceros, Elephant, Gaur, Hog Deer, and many others.
Manas noted for its Project Tigers, Rhinos & Elephants, and is Assam’s one of the two Tiger projects. The scenic elegance and rare wealth of wild life combine with this unique world heritage site to offer one of probably the most fascinating experiences.

Best Time to be able to Visit Manas National Park India

The perfect time to visit the Manas national park India is during the months of November to April.

How to obtain there

Air : Manas Park is 176-kms from Guwahati. The closest airport is Borjhar, which is situated, 5-km out of town, and can be reached by rickshaw, auto rickshaw or airline buses.
Rail : The nearest railhead is located at Barpeta road.
Road : Buses regularly ply from Guwahati to Barpeta Road in 4½ hrs.

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