Things to Do in Andaman Nicobar

Andaman waters offer a fascinating world of under-water marine life, varieties of colorful fishes, rarest of the coral reefs in the the world, mysterious remains of sunken ships, etc. All these can be explored through Scuba diving. Andaman & Nicobar Scuba Diving Society situated at Wandoor provides Scuba Diving opportunities. Private divers are also available.

One can enjoy the under-water marine life and view the rarest varieties of corals by snorkeling near the Andaman Water Sports Complex, Corbyn's Cove Tourism Complex, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Havelock and other islands on all days from dawn to dusk depending on weather.

One can go trekking through the nature trail from Mt. Harriet to Madhuban and enjoy the rare forest life, flora and fauna. There are other trekking routes also. Trekking equipment and tents are available on hire from Andaman Teal House.

Island camps are just the right choice for the nature lovers, who wish to enjoy sun, sea and pristine beauty of nature by spending quiet holidays right on the beach. Tents are available locally on hire from October to May.

Modest as they are in breadth (only 58 km at the extremes), the Andamans are largely hilly until the land slides down and hugs the sea. Tourists can choose from a number of adventure activities - trekking, camping, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving (with some of the best dives in the world). Go for a round of snorkelling, a fascinating fun sport where one can take a plunge into the sea and enjoy the underwater marine life and an amazing varieties of corals. If lucky, you can also see mysterious remains of sunken ships that embellish the sea floor. Oh! What an adventure it would make!

Those preferring a more leisurely vacation should pack a hamper and head for one of the many picturesque picnic spots that create memory with every visit. An idyllic getaway is Havelock Island, just 38 km from Port Blair. Do whatever you want on the pristine sands, let the Andamans gift your holiday a sliver of white sands to enjoy. Little Andaman Island, the vegetable bowl of the archipelago along with Neil Island, has a beautiful beach at Butler Bay, a waterfall and an oil palm plantation. Trek upto Madhuban through the nature trail - take your binoculars along to spot rare endemic birds, animals and butterflies enroute. Don't forget to chuck a passing salute to Long Island while on a dolphin convoy. Remember to step into the Andaman Water Sports Complex, an unique pad that offers all possible aqua-sport facilities like water-skiing, sail boats, windsurfing, water-scootering and safe water sports like paddle boats, row boats under a single roof.

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