Ross Island in Andaman Nicobar

Ross Island, once the capital of Port Blair during the erstwhile British rule, is a small island that is home to the ruins of old buildings of the colonial era. These buildings including Govt. House, Ballrooms Chief Commissioner's House, Church, and Hospital are in ruined condition.

The island with historical background and preserved ruins is spread along an area of 0.6 sq. kms. With the ruins and also with the historical background, the Island has gained a lot of popularity among the tourists.

The tourists can visit the Ross Island during the day time as the boat services are available from the Phoenix Bay jetty. The Indian Navy has set up a museum on the Island known as 'Smritika' portraying the history of the Island.

Ross and Smith, the twin islands joined by a bewitching sand bar, is 30 minutes away from Aerial bay jetty or Kalipur water sports centre. Directorate of Tourism offers island camping at Smith island during the tourist season.

One can feel the innocent beauty of village life everywhere in Diglipur. One who prefers to be away from the hustle and humdrum of urban life must come here to enjoy unhurried holidays. Saddle peak is popular for trekking/nature trail through the evergreen rain forest. Kalighat is connected by daily two boat services from Mayabunder. Port Blair – Diglipur (Aerial bay jetty) boat services are available twice a week.

Little Andaman Island is one of the biggest island in Andaman. It is famed with a pristine beach at the location named Butler Bay and is credited with a stunning waterfall, Panchavati. There are several

attractive and secluded scenic beaches in this Island. This is the main vegetable producing Island in Andaman.

Little Andaman Island is renowned for plantation of Red Oil Palm managed by ANIFPDCL. The enthusiastic tourists can pay a visit to the plantation and a factory for palm oil extraction. In this plantation the visitors can get a close look at the various stages of oil palm fruit production.

This island has a beautiful beach at Butler Bay, a waterfall and plantation of oil palms. Apart from this there are several sandy beaches all along the coastline of the island. The break water at Hut Bay offers an excellent view to the tourists. Little Andaman is the vegetable bowl for the Nicobar group of islands. The Onge tribals live in this island, so do Nicobarese apart from settlers from erstwhile East Pakistan and other places. However entry to tribal areas is restricted. Journey 8 hrs. by sea from Port Blair towards south.

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