Beaches In Karnataka

In Karnataka there are numerous Beaches which you can see, each more beautiful than the other. Out of those , here we list out the top Beaches to see in case you are on a short trip to Karnataka. Even if you are on a long visit, these are the ones which you must not miss out. Read more about them...


Karnataka has a 320-km long coastline, arrayed with famous beaches, that invites those wants a break from the chafing grind of urban life Beaches in Karnataka.

The tranquility and the charm of the region coupled with the impetuousness of the coastal folk, and their delightful cuisine is just awesome.

1Bhatkal Beach

Famous Bhatkal Beach is located at a distance of 16-km from Bhatkal and 126 km from Karwar Beaches in Karnataka. Dotted by the calm blue seas and majestic hills, this beach is a popular tourist spot and known for the exquisite temples.Best season to visit Bhatkal beach is from August to March Beaches in Karnataka.

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2 Karwar Beach

Karwar is situated just 100 km from Goa is a perfect holiday with gentle waves, palm-laced beaches, silver sand, and calm, peaceful alleys Famous Karnataka Beach.A voyage through Goa makes a good starting point of discovering the thrills of the sea, sand and sun Famous Karnataka Beach.Consisting of five adjacent beaches, the one at Karwar lies as a small island near Goa. Fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and dolphin hunting are the water sports which are played here. Not only is it the most popular among locales, tourists too find the splendid town of Karwar extremely appealing. Karwar coast has beaches that are fringed with high mountains and valleys on one side and stretches of golden sand and tranquil sea on the other. It is said that the beauty of this place inspired the great Rabindranath Tagore to write down his first play. Apart from enjoying a refreshing sunbath on the beaches, walk around to find other attractions like Sadashivgad Fort, Durga Temple inside the fort, hundreds of year old Venkatrama Temple, an octagonal church and Naganatha Temple which make visiting these beaches even more worth. There are five islands off the coast of Karwar. Of which, the most beautiful is the enchanting Devbagh island.The unique thing about this beach is – on one side the tourists enjoy the warmth of the sun and on the other side they are thrilled by the cool breeze unleashed by the Western Ghats. The hospitality at Karwar beach cannot be equaled by what you experience in other places and so are the sea food which are much tastier than most other places.

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Karwar Beachflickr/ MyXP

3Marudeshwar Beach

Located 16 km from Bhatkal, Murudeshwar beach another famous beach of Karnataka is believed to have been sanctified by Pranalinga of Mahabaleshwara thrown by RavanaFamous Karnataka Beach.It is a popular picnic spot, having beautiful blue waters of the sea and the majestic mountains. Coupled with tourists, loads of devotees too visit this beach which is located in the just 1 Km from Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district due to the presence of a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the frequently thronged places of Karnataka. This temple upon the hill called Kandura giri is surrounded by sea on three sides. The waters of this beach are ideally suited for activities such as swimming though strong currents are expected to frequent the shores during high tides.Murudeshwar Beach proves to be a splendid place for pilgrims as well as for tourists. Murudeshwar is among the most visited beaches in Karnataka. There is a temple build in Murudeshwar, at a place where the part of Pranalinga thrown by King Ravana fell. The temple is brimming with exquisite statues and carvings. The temple is visited by numerous pilgrims throughout the year. Situated between unending seas, and ever so high mountains, Murudeshwar is a splendid place to spend time alone or for a picnic with your family.Other attractions around this beach are the Murdeshwar temple, the Kanduka Giri and the fort of Tipu Sultan. This lovely destination can be visited throughout the year.

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4Kurumgad Beach

Kurumgad beach is located in the region of Uttara Karnataka and is just 4 km away from Karwar. It is the sort of the beach where nature lovers would like to pay visit more often. The existence of the very popular Lord Narasimha temple is an added charm for the place. Shaped like a tortoise, the esthetic look of the beach can hardly be matched elsewhere. Animals like the dolphins and otters are very much prevalent here. The beach is famous for the hilltop Narasimha Temple where thousands of devotees throng the temple during the annual jatra held on Pushya Purnima every year in early January. One can enjoy viewing the sea and the sand.The beach also facilitates number of beach activities, one can indulge in water sports such as trekking, fishing.Dolphin and seal-spotting, a boat cruise to other nearby islands, diving, snorkeling, treasure hunts, guided tours, or star-gazing.

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5Malpe Beach

About 6 km from Udupi is Malpe, Malpe is a perfect hangout zone with its virgin beach Major Beaches of Karnataka India. Malpe beach is the most gracious beaches of all. No other beach offers so much calm and tranquility mixed with such stupendous beauty. Lying under the shadow of swaying palm trees, listening to the winds ruffling its leaves, rejuvenates the soul to the deepest. When on Malpe beach, do not forget to explore the island of Darya Bahadurgadh. On the island, visit Balarama Temple and Malpe's oldest tile factory. Another island, to where you can plan a trip to, is St. Mary's Island. The island is 300 m long and 100 m wide and its uniqueness is in the basalt rock formations that rise abruptly from the sea bed in various shapes.The infinite tract of golden sand, pleasantly swaying palm trees, the clear blue sky and the ripple of the sea all set an ideal disposition for an unforgettable holiday here Major Beaches of Karnataka India. An idyllic resort for boating, fishing and bathing the town lies around 386 km from Bangalore. Between October - January is the best time to visit this place.A boat cruise can be taken from Malpe to reach the beach resort, it is yet another beach destination that holds the charm of awe-inspiring views of the sunset Major Beaches of Karnataka India.

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6 Gokarna Beach

Gokarna Beach is generally visited by people who go on a pilgrimage since it is very closely located to the Hindu temples in this area. It is not, otherwise, a very popular tourist spot, but is slowly gaining the status. However, closer to Gokarna are four more beaches which draw tourists and they are Kudlee Beach, Om Beach, Half moon Beach and Paradise Beach.Gokarna, a beach town has some most splendid beaches of the region. Om beach, one of Gokarna's five famed beaches, is in the shape of a 'Om,'- most spiritual symbol of Hindus. The other famous beaches, compressed between massive steep rock that project like delicate fingers into the sea, are Gokarna, Kudle, Half Moon and Paradise. One can visit Gokarna any time round the year.

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7 Kaup Beach

Kaup is situated at a distance of 12 km from Udupi, on the coastal belt. Kaup has a lovely beach that offers a perfect holiday destination with calm sea and beautiful location. As you go anywhere near Kaup Beach, a very cool breeze and a pleasant environment will give you a very warm reception. This beach houses a very old lighthouse, standing tall at 100 feet high – built in the year 1901. It is also open to the visitors during certain periods in day time. So many movies have also been shot here, further accentuating the fact that it is one of the most pristine beaches you would ever see. Kaup has attractions of a ruined fort and an old 100ft high lighthouse.

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8 Marawanthe Beach

Maravanthe beach is 50 km from Udupi. The endless stretch of golden sand, swaying palm trees, clear blue sky and the flow of the sea attracts a large number of tourists to this spot.At sunset, the red sky and golden rays convert the entire environs into a fairyland of scenic beauty. Beaches of Marawanthe are among the best that are there in Karnataka. Marawanthe Beach is sandwiched between sea at one side and highway and Sauparnika River on the other side. One thing is for sure that there is no place better than Marawanthe Beach to enjoy a sunset. Most of the beach remains un-congested throughout the day. Just few fishermen carrying on with their daily chores and kids playing with the sand. Though some parts of the beach offer options for water-sports as well. Taking a walk in the late evening, under the streetlights, over the cool sands, is a feeling that is set to stay with you for the rest of your life.Since the national highway (NH17) passes close to the shoreline within the distance of 100m, you will be able to see Arabian Sea on one side and the Kodachari Hills, forming a backdrop of the Sauparnika River on the other side, while traveling. Activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling pull in more adventure lovers to stamp their footsteps here. A drive further up are the Belekal Theertha falls, near Baindur.The Maravanthe Beach has an ideal location for taking up water sports activities. Seawater is safe for swimming with gentle tides beckoning.The pristine splendor and serene enfolding of its virgin beach make it a most desired hang out spot.

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Marawanthe Beachflickr/ Kumar N

9Surathkal Beach

If you are on a look out for a place to relax and shy away from the daily routines, there is no better beach in Karnataka which could offer such magnanimity than Surathkal Beach. Quite known for its fascinating surroundings, this beach also is famous for the lighthouse which stands amidst the rocks. It is a must visit place for the tourists and is well connected from other important cities of Karnataka. It is also known for sunset viewing.

10Om Beach

Om beach is located 8 km from Gokarna. It derives its name from the two semicircular coves which join to form an inverted symbol of Om. It is the place where you can see many numbers of Hippo Sadhus doing their penance. It is also a major center for water sports activities such as surfing, water skiing, para sailing etc.

Om Beachflickr/ Malc

11St. Marys Island Beach

About 58 km north of Mangalore lies a small group of islands. On a ferry ride from Malpe, a major fishing harbor in Karnataka, you can visit the spectacular St. Mary's Island. It is an uninhabited island, beautiful and pristine offering visitors an endless coastal line and a horizon that turns magnificently crimson at sundown.

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12Ullal Beach

Plan a visit to beaches of Karnataka this holiday. These beaches are sprawling with cool winds and water. Revel in spectacular beauty of the coastal beaches!The favorite beach of Karnatake is Ullal Beach in Mangalore. It is indeed one of the beautiful beaches of Karnataka.

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