Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary In Goa

Covering 1.8sq km, this sanctuary has fourteen different varieties of mangroves. These are intersected at various points by different water canals and provide a natural habitat to birds. A novel and interesting way to see the mangroves is to hire a canoe and glide by.

What to experience:

The exotic flora and fauna along Mandovi is well worth a watch. From November till January, local as well as migratory birds can be seen on its banks. Among the local birds are kingfishers, grey-headed mynas, eagles, egrets, kites, pheasant-tailed jacanas, common sandpipers, red-wattled lapwings, green bee-eaters and tailor birds. The migratory birds include purple moorhen, storks, cormorants, mallards and pintail ducks. If luck is on your side, you may even spot rare animals like the Indian rock python, the flying fox and the Indian otter.

Ecotourism options:

Goa Wildlife Department has plans to start conducted tours through the water channels. Contact the Range Forest Office at Campal, Panaji for details.

Location and accessibility:

This bird-watcher’s paradise is located on the western tip of Chorao island, which is just 5 km from Panaji city. The access is by ferry from a place called Ribandar jetty on the southern bank of Mandovi.

Best time to go:

The ideal time to visit the sanctuary is between September and June, when migratory birds flock here. However, the sanctuary is open round the year.

For accommodation contact:

Office of the Chief Conservator of Forests Govt. of Goa in Panaji.

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