Warangal In Andhra Pradesh

Warangal is very popular for its tourist attractions that include historical sights and tourist attractions. Round the year, thousands of tourist travel to Warangal to see the top tourist attractions in Warangal from all over the world. Everyday you will find a good crowd on all of these Warangal tourist attractions in India. You can visit these attractions any time as per the attractions timing. There are number of tourist attraction like historical places, museums, pilgrimage places, heritage sights, gardens and parks, romantic places for romantic couples, which are world famous sights and are center of attractions in Warangal.

The cultural richness of Warangal is portrayed in its heritage monuments. On your visit to this erstwhile capital of the Kakatiyas, you would come across various structures that are somewhat ruined, yet depict the legacy of the ancient period. Religion has always been important in the Indian culture and the magnificent temples constructed in the primeval times substantiate this statement. Warangal has many ancient temples, which can add to your itinerary of sightseeing tours. Any tour to the historical city would be incomplete without visiting Warangal Fort, a masterwork of the Kakatiyas. here we list out the top tourist attractions in Warangal for you .

Top Attractions In Warangal

1Bhadrakali Temple

Warangal is the great tourist place in South India. It is enriched with great culture and tradition, which give the great opportunity to the tourist to come here and enjoy the beautiful places. It is now a happening city in the country. The Waran

2Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Eturnagaram wildlife sanctuary in Warangal is famous across the world for its teak woods and various kinds of animals, such as tiger, wolf, and black buck etc. the people who love nature’s beauty, it is the first place to visit. Eturnagaram wild life

3Govindarajula Gutta

Warangal is built by the Kakatiya rulers which became the capital in twelfth century. The city is full of beautiful Warangal tourist attractions. The Warangal is also known as Oruguallu, there are people who call it Omtikonda because of its history.

4Kakatiya Musical Garden

The Kakatiya musical garden in Warangal is very famous across the country. There is a temple nearby Kakatiya musical Garden which known as Bhadrakali Temple. The garden occupies around fifteen acres of area. This is one of the fantastic tourist attra

5Kakatiya Rock Garden

Kakatiya Rock Garden in Warangal is a beautiful place to visit and have fun with the friends and family members. The tourists can enjoy the beautiful place which is made of various rocks. You can see various kinds of flowers such as various kinds

6Padmakshi Temple

Padmakshi temple in Warangal was built in the twelfth century. The primary deity of this temple is Padmakshi. Annakonda pillar is great tourist attraction in Warangal. The pillar is four faced and every face is extremely good to watch. The carvin

7Pakhal Lake

Pakhal Lake in Warangal is very beautiful place for tourists to enjoy their vacation. It is a manmade lake built on a branch of River Krishna nearby city Warangal. It’s been said that Pakhal Lake in Warangal was built in 13th century through Kakatiya

8Pembarti Village

The Warangal is not only known for its beautiful temples, gardens, sculptures but for it brass works too. It’s been said that brass was used here when even people did no know how more about iron. Pembarti Village in Warangal is known for its bras

9Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Temple in Warangal is one hundred thirty kms away from Hyderabad. The Warangal is hot tourist destination because of its marvelous lakes, temples wildlife sanctuaries and forts. The Ramappa Temple in Warangal is situated at Palampet which

10Rayparthy Siva Temple

Rayparthy Siva Temple in Warangal is one of the oldest temples in the city. The construction of the Temple took place around eighteenth century. There is a village developed near the Rayparthy Siva Temple in Warangal. It is believed that the Lord Shi

11Warangal Fort

Warangal Fort is one of the architectural wonders of the bygone era. Sited in south-east of Warangal city, the massive structure was built in the 13th century by rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty. Though presently in ruins, Warangal Fort still boasts of the dexterity of artists of earlier times.

12Someshwara Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Someshwara Temple was constructed by the Kalyani Chalukya Emperor - Someswara III. This primeval shrine embraces atypical variety of the Chalukyan architecture. The sculptures found here represent the dexterity of sculptors, who made such beautiful figurines.

13Jain Mandir

No less than 2,000 years old, Jain Mandir boasts of intricate carvings and splendid architecture. It is dedicated to Lord Mahavira and the striking idol of 5 ft is entirely crafted out of Jade. Puffed up with beautiful images of Thirthankaras, the temple is a very popular amongst the Jains. This shrine receives plenty of people at festivals.

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