Adoni in Andhra Pradesh

The city of Adoni is a business town as well as a municipality which is located in the Kurnool district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in the southern part of India. The town of Adoni is located at a distance of 225 kilometers from Hyderabad and 494 kilometers from Chennai by rail. Tour to Adoni in India, Tour to Adoni in South India, Adoni: Tour, Trip to Adoni, Trip to Adoni in India The city of Adoni has a population of about 164,000 till 2005. Adoni was once a stronghold of the medieval Vijayanagar Empire. At present the town has a considerable textile industry. During the Islamic times the hill-fort in Adoni was an important seat of the government. The hill-fort is at present in ruins, but it was mentioned recurrently in the wars of the 18th Century. A Tour to Adoni will surely be memorable, more for its historical importance.

The city of Adoni was under the rule the Yadavas in the 16th Century. During the period of the Yadavas, Tour to Adoni in India, Tour to Adoni in South India, Adoni: Tour, Trip to Adoni, Trip to Adoni in India Adoni was known as Yadavagiri. Later, during the Islamic rule, Yadavagiri changed into Adavani. Much later, again Adavani changed into Adoni. At the time of the British rule Adoni was in Bellary district of the Madras presidency. The city of Adoni is known as the grain market of the south. The town of Adoni is located at a height of 1427 feet above the sea level.

The major places of attraction in and around the city of Adoni, Tour to Adoni in India, Tour to Adoni in South India, Adoni: Tour, Trip to Adoni, Trip to Adoni in India which are included in the package of Tour to Adoni, are:

* Ranamandala Konda
* Goddess Laxmamma Temple
* Baichigeri Saibaba Ashramam
* Ramajala
* Mantralayam
* Urukunda Erranna Swamy Temple
* Shanty Mallappa Hill
* Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy Temple

Some of the major languages which are spoken in the city of Adoni are Kannada, Urdu and Telugu. The culture that Adoni reflects is a blend of Karnataka and Andhra culture. The city of Adoni has an excellent textile potential and for this reason the town was called as a second Mumbai.

Adoni is located on western part of Andhra Pradesh State at a distance of 103-km from Kurnool and 225-km southwest of Hyderbad. It is the second biggest town in the Kurnool district and the oldest municipality, constituted as early as AD 1865. It was known in the past as "Yadavagiri" and "Adavani". Adoni was once the stronghold of the rulers of Vijayanagar. Muslims later controlled it until 1792, when a war between the British East India Company and Tipu Sultan resulted in its cession to the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Location: Western Part of the State Of Andhra Pradesh
Important Feature: Oldest Municipality Constituted In 1865
Previously known As: Yadavagiri and Adavani

Kurnool: 103-kms

Adoni Fort:
The fort at the place standing on the rocky granite hills was founded some 300 years ago.

Jumma Masjid:

A fine piece of Muslim architecture built in 1680 AD by Madu Qadiri, the Adil Shahi Governor.

Kaman Bavi:
It is of size 50' X 50' constructed by Siddi Masud Khan, the Governor of Adoni.

The Venkanna Bavi:

An astoundingly large well built by Venkanna Pant, Diwan of Siddi Masud Khan.


Air: The nearest airport is at Hyderabad, situated 225-km away from Adoni.
Rail: Adoni lies, on the Chennai - Mumbai rail route. It is well connected with all the important places in and outside the Kurnool district.
Road: It enjoys good communication facilities, as it is a famous commercial center of Kurnool district. It is connected to major cities of the state by road.

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